The Maze Misson
Demonstrate your teamwork skills by working together to get your entire team through a grid maze. Key skills will be required such as problem solving, collaboration, patience, positive attitude, and supporting other team members.Document your progress over the course of the four days with video, pictures and/or text.At the end of our school wide competition please upload what you all learned about character and team work. You can make a movie, a powerpoint, a Wordle, a collage, a prezi.or come up with your own creative way of demonstrating what you learned. Most importantly, have fun!

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Mr. Morawski's thought for the week:

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.”

-H. Jackson Brown, American writer

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Mr. P's Class
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Mrs. Parkin's Class

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Mrs. Spencer's Class
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Ms. Leach's Class
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Mrs. Butzin's Class
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Mr. Wallington's Class
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Mr. Bodle's Class

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Mr. Seley's Class
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Mr. Johansson's Class

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Mr. McCloud's Class
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Senora Geisler's Class
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Mr. Melton's Class

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Mrs. Truesdell's Class
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Mrs. Harvath's Class
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Mrs. Mali's Class

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Mrs. Toth's Class